Mothersbane will screen at the San Francisco Film Society’s Cinema by the Bay showcase on November 6. This will be the film’s last screening. It is currently playing on SFGovTV as part of Disability Awareness month and, beginning November 1, it will air on the WORLDcompass Channel, managed by WGBH.

Unique screening

August 21, 2011

Mothersbane will be screening in a horse’s stable on a farm in Kent, about half an hour outside of London, as part of the first Quadrangle Film Festival. The film will be shown on loop during the three-day non-fiction festival. Additional screenings will be held in a granary, while patrons can either camp out in tents or sleep in barnyard dormitories.

Happy to report Mothersbane will be screening on the WORLDCompass channel, based out of WGBH Boston. The license begins November 1 and runs through February 1. I don’t know when, or in what context, the film will screen. Click here to read more about WORLDCompass, which used to be PBS World.

Back from Silverdocs

June 26, 2011

My experience at the AFI Discovery Channel Silverdocs Film Festival was tremendous. Mothersbane screened four times and I think it was well-received. It played as part of the “Between Us” Program, which was a remarkable collection of shorts made by a delightful group of directors. Here is a review our our program from the NPR website. Mothersbane also opened for Andris Gauja’s Family Instinct, which won Best World Documentary. This was probably the last time I will travel with the film and the experience was a great note to end on.

Very excited that Mothersbane will be screening at AFI/Discovery Channel Silverdocs Film Festival in Silver Spring, MD. I will be in attendance for all four screenings, along with my friend and cinematographer Sinisa Kukic.

Mothersbane will be playing as a part of the Award-Winning Documentaries program at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. I’m very excited to be a part of the festival, and included in such a strong program. PSIFF runs at the same time as Silverdocs, so unfortunately I wont be able to attend. For more information about the screening, click here.


Mothersbane has been shortlisted for the “Best Emerging Director, World” award at the Open City London Documentary film festival in June. Click here to see the list of shortlisted films. Open City has assembled an impressive jury of filmmakers, as well. Mothersbane will screen on June 17 with Billie and Ex-Mother.

La Rochefoucauld

May 6, 2011

I stumbled upon this maxim by a 17th century philosopher named Francois de La Rochefoucauld: “We cannot look squarely at either death or the sun.” It opened up for me a new way of thinking about Mothersbane – as a child’s first efforts to look, obliquely, at death.

MB has been accepted to the 1st annual Open City London Documentary Film Festival in June. The jury is composed of a number of filmmakers whose work I admire.

Very excited that Mothersbane will be playing at the Superfest International Disability Film Festival right next door in Berkeley. Superfest is one of the most prestigious disability-themed film festivals in the country. MB will have three screenings – one each day from June 17-19.


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